Monday, June 04, 2007

Go Arianne!

I'm kinda over extending a little joke I cracked on ICC the other night. I couldn't help myself. While watching the live broadcast of Aronian v Carlsen, "Go Arianne", I said, "...err..sorry, I meant Aronian".

Uumm..well, OK, at least GM Tigran Petrosian thought it funny.

Anyway, an excellent showing by Aronian in the end by overcoming his Norwegian opponent, though I'm sure the Armenian number one can definitely thank his young gorgeous companion. Under such trying conditions it's always nice to have a woman's encouragement. And we Australians can be truly proud that one of our own played an indubitably crucial role. Surprisingly - even amidst all that tension in Elista - the young lass did find time to email yours truly last week. I won't say what she asked. It's a secret.

(Christ, I must still be hungover from the vino festival yesterday).

Moving on, here's a quick favour to our pals in the state association. This coming weekend is the annual Queen's Birthday NSW Open. If you haven't signed up, make sure you take the time to fill in the form.

So why be so warm to the NSWCA? Well, you know, it's winter and there's that certain Canberra organiser who made me feel a bit nervous. And I don't like these women making me feel nervous. She said:

As a former administrator for more than 20 years across multiple sports I'll just lend my support to those trying to make a move forward as opposed to those who want to throw sh*t for absolutely no good reason other than that they can.

Now I know that wasn't fired at me, but do you think I throw shit? Seriously, c'mon!


chessnia said...

Surely you meant GM Arshak Petrosian! because if you really did mean GM Tigran Petrosian I'd like to hire you! :)

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Yes, I meant Tigran Petrosian - the one born in 1984.


chessnia said...

Oh, I didn't know there was another Tigran Petrosian who was also a GM! (2580 in the latest list). Oh well, this goes to prove how much one can learn by reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

Petrosian is a fairly common surname in Armenia,so its not that surprising there would eventually be another GM with that name.

Anonymous said...

Hiya TCG. Regarding the second part of your post, mate, from what I hear the NSW Open is not looking good. From where I sit it looks like another $3.6k loss is on its way. I hope for the best, but fear the worst.

Anonymous said...

What kind of prizes are they guaranteeing if they are going to lose over $3,000 grand?

Even with venue hire and arbiters fees no weekender in australia should lose more than $1,000,and thats with a seriously low turnout.

To do so is seriously suicidial.
Is NSWCA really hell bent on destruction?

Anonymous said...

Come on bloggers! If you are not happy with the state of affairs in NSW step up to the plate. Join the NSWCA council!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the NSWCA should pimp out Matt Sweeney with all proceeds going back to the NSWCA. I am sure they could purchase a chess centre in no time!!!!!!!!!!!