Thursday, June 07, 2007

Help Elwood CC

I think nowhere else in Australia do chess clubs play such an important role in chess activity than in our southern state of Victoria. Australia's most famous club, and certainly one of the world's oldest, the Melbourne CC is down there. But now one of those clubs is in near trouble.

Earlier this week FM Igor Goldenberg put out an emergency call for volunteers at his beloved Elwood CC.

Igor tells me:

Currently Victor Kildisas and Yuri Kourtchatov do all the job of running the club. We need a tournament director, preferably a treasurer (the role I am filling at the moment). Ideally 5-6 people constantly involved in the running of the club. Other roles might include maintaining a web site [and] helping with organising Elwood Bendigo Bank championship. Once we covered basics we have plenty of things to make it even better. As I mentioned before, we have unique features (time, location) that make it very attractive for children and families.

While membership numbers are remaining steady, according to Igor, that situation could well quickly deteriorate unless extra volunteer hands are found. Help is urgently needed.

To that end, the Elwood guys are holding an emergency meeting of club members and other interested parties. Details are:

23 June at 2PM
87 Tennyson Street, Elwood

Please send enquiries to IgorGoldenberg at MyRealBox dot com.

Established some 13 years ago, Elwood CC has met on Saturdays from noon to 5PM. They have an ideal location: close to the city, the beach, there's ample transport and the premises features an area for a BBQ as well as a playground.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the knight in shining armour (Matthew Sweeney) should save the day! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well ChessVictoria isn't going to lift a finger, apart from have it's hand out for affiliation fees.

Anonymous said...

How many members have this club got? Three? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Elwood has more than 3 members and deserves to survive.

People may not value it now,but if its lost they will eventually feel the difference in victorian chess.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, four members. My public library chess club has five times more members. We do NOT want to affiliate with ChessVictoria for this is the 'kiss of death'.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of public library chess clubs have more members than Elwood Chess Club.
I think the only reason clubs like Elwood C.C. exist is so the Victorian Chess Association can claim it is affiliated with the V.C.A.
The V.C.A. badly needs to be percieved as a legitimate organisation/umbrella body.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Elwood Chess Club

The current administration and ChessVictoria killed a club that was a success for more than a decade.

Time to go to the public library :-)

Anonymous said...

The new committee of the Elwood Chess Club have been silenced it seems.
Why was Mr Wastell at the Elwood Chess Club last Saturday?

Anonymous said...

No it's just that we have all been


Anonymous said...

Wierd! No news at all.
I suppose it can be a hassle to comply with Consumer Affairs Victoria and the ATO.
Is the club incorporated? If they aren't this is a problem.
So many questions, no answers though.....
It may explain the silence.