Saturday, June 23, 2007

Australian World Youth Teams

From 4 to 12 August, the Singapore Chess Federation will host the World Youth U16 Olympiad. And Australia is this year sending a large contingent having endorsed a total of 17 players. The boys' squad, a "Dream Team", will consist of Moulthun Ly, Junta Ikeda, Zhigen Lin, Raymond Song and Max Illingworth.

The girls will be represented by Angela Song, Jessica Kinder, Emma Guo and Tamzin Oliver. Sydneysiders will have noticed Angela Song's appearances in a couple of tournaments. This was apparently part of scheme to prepare for Singapore but her 3.5 points score at the recent NSW Open was a tad rusty.

In an effort to provide them with much-needed international tests, the ACF has also further endorsed 8 juniors. These are: Andrew Brown, Derek Yu, Fedja Zulfic, Joshua Lau, Alana Chibnall, Isaac Ng, Abbie Kanagarajah and Satya Chitturi .

Good luck to these guys and thanks to Jenni Oliver for the info.

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