Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blog Disorder, Me?

I don't suffer from this, do I? From Wired:

This disorder is characterized by the creation of a blog in which the individual consistently denigrates not only the opinions of others, but the very fact that others have opinions, saying things like "nobody cares what some overpaid starlet has to say about global warming" and "nobody cares what some crusty career politician thinks is wrong with society today." Simultaneously, the individual assumes that people do care about what he or she has to say, in spite of the individual's only political or activist experience being watching the movie Dave twice.

But I know a few people who might definitely have a serious case of Pugilistic Discussion Syndrome. They're a worry.

1 comment:

DeNovoMeme said...

AR, you do not have that disorder. You do, however, appear to delite in lighting matches. ;-)