Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update of Dandenong Festival

By special request we have another game from the Dandenong Festival. This one is a win by Sydneysider FM George Xie over Chris Depasquale. George, by the way, needs just 25 more ratings points to be awarded the full international master title.

And here is an amusing line from the Star News: "Melbourne underdogs are turning international chess champions into pawns – and are ready to throw them on the barbie this summer."


Anonymous said...

I think George Xie just needed a draw on his round nine game to get the IM norm (6.5/9).


ggrayggray said...


George Xie already has the required three IM norms. He doesnt need another.

George's fide rating is 2375. He needs to get his rating above 2400 to get the IM title.

From postings on chesschat, this means he needs to score 8.5/11 from the tournament.

Anonymous said...


What you have said was true when the tournament started. Now it is a slightly different situation. Namely, George has had a forfeit win. That means 8.5 is not necessarily enough. Somebody needs to check that.

Anonymous said...

I thought he needed 9/11 to get the rating points, since some of his games are won by forfeit.

ggrayggray said...

Bill G has 'clarified' the situation with some rough calculations.

George needs to win his next two games against Levi and Stojic. If he draws or loses either of them, he cant get to 2400, no matter what happens against Haache.

So the bottom line is even with rough calculations- Xie wins against Levi and Stojic, he is above 2400 and is an IM, just awaiting fide to award the title.