Saturday, December 09, 2006

On my way home

Aah, after a little under a fortnight - I'm finally on my way back home. Now sitting in this very comfy British Airways business lounge where I just had for myself a nice drop of Californian Cab Sav. Yumm! I should be landing back in Sydney on Sunday morning. And I know my dear avid fans just can't wait for me to get back to full steam ahead blogging.

My God, did we miss some real action? NSWCA annual general meeting, wanna-bes in Queensland failing to win office and, of course, the Doha Games were just some of the news we missed. No matter, there's always more to come. I hope so anyway.

Traffic to the blog has markedly fallen over the last few days. It'll take a lot to get it back up again. We need another Gormallygate!

Still, I really enjoyed my brief time here in the UK and Brussels. Loved the latter, especially the shopping. I don't know, maybe it was my already overheated credit card, but things seemed so cheap in Belgium! Couldn't help myself. Enough talk. I gotta catch my flight. See you when I get back.


Anonymous said...

has that othEr place moved house yet or was the move simply to a crypt?

Anonymous said...

If the blogman wants traffic through his site when he arrives home he could not do better than take up the reporting of the sensational schools event being organised by Libby Smith. Dowwnload their doco. and have a look mate.