Friday, December 29, 2006

A Lesson from Poker

Can chess learn a lesson or two from poker? Jennifer Shahade - blogger, author, web editor of the USCF's website and US women's champion - thinks so. In a longish interview with the Gothamist, she talks about range of issues like her fascinating book, "Chess Bitch" (a must read).

Chess can learn a lot from poker. First, chess media and sponsors should emphasize its glamorous aspects: worldwide traveling, parties and escape from real world responsibilities. Poker made it big on the travel channel, after all.

I deeply believe in chess on TV, even for those who don’t know the rules. Chess can learn from poker on making itself telegenic. Elements that could make chess work on TV include lots of graphics demonstrating the basic moves, funny, entertaining commentators and background on the personalities and careers of the players.

And the biggest challenge in a simul? Finding the right shoes!

Read more from the Gothamist.

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