Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dandenong Chess Festival

Noble Park CC is hosting a strong tournament - the Dandenong International festival. The event includes the Australian Masters as well as a FIDE-rated reserves tournament. Some of our Pinoy readers will be interested to note that FM Jesse Sales is playing in the Masters section against the likes of grandmasters Daryl Johansen and visitor Dejan Antic. The latter drew against FM George Xie in round one then lost to Victorian player Eddy Levi in round three. (The round 2 game Antic-Gorka will be played next week).

The festival will run until 23 December.

I notice also that the Noble Park website has a link to the blog. Thanks very much for that. All power to these folks. According to their website, they have "big plans for the future".


Anonymous said...

You may note that "According to their website, they have "big plans for the future"."

I suggest that they pay some attention to the present as well.

They may need to negotiate with the ACF President, and the ACF FIDE rating rep. to get the current Masters tournament rated. Existing ACF policy requires the sponsoring Club to be affiliated. Noble Park is showing a false economy by declining to become affiliated. This jeopardises the rating of the in-progress tournament. Noble Park needs to review their misplaced trust in the advice of Alex M. in reference to affiliation

Anonymous said...

Because Alex, that would attract a tirade of your unwelcome and annoying phone calls and e-mails.

You can assist Noble Park by ceasing your advice that they not participate in the wider chess community.

Anonymous said...

Malejewicz, I wonder how great your 'advice' will seem to be if a player is denied a norm or title in George Xie's case because of non affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Alex, my advice to Noble Park is that they proceed to get their event covered by affiliating, or by getting DCC to be the sponsoring Club. This will allow Greg Canfell to legally accept the results and process for norms.
You advice Alex, will simply keep Noble Park outside of the ACF structure and not permit the norms to be be put forward to FIDE.
It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that Dragicevic and Dizdarevc, on behalf of the NPCC have now decided to seek CV affiliation.
A sensible decision that will allow the FIDE rating of this event to proceed.

Anonymous said...

Why would CV affiliation affect the rating (ACF or FIDE) of the event?

Anonymous said...

The reason was given in post 1 of this thread.

Incidentally, the CV Secretary advises that NPCC submitted their affiliation papers tonight.