Friday, December 22, 2006

Jesse Checkmated!

Pinoy FM Jesse Sales, currently residing in the Australian state of Victoria, walked into a mate against Dusan Stojic in round 9 of the Dandenong Chess Festival. A terrible loss which nails Jesse to 5.5 points. Apologies in advance to our Pinoy readers for presenting this game.

Worth a mention also is Vladimir Smirnov's draw with GM Daryl Johansen. Vladimir is a regular blitzer in the Sydney's Hyde Park and Town Hall train station where some locals hang out for some post-work relaxation. He frequently drops by with his son who has also learned to play chess. It is very nice to see Vladimir do well in this tournament.


Anonymous said...

With the loss, Jesse Noel just played it ala-Kramnik. Way to go Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Now it can be said that this loss cost him the IM norm!he finished the tournament with 7.5/11, full point deficient of the IM norm.

Anonymous said...

Bad luck Jesse. Good luck in the future