Monday, December 18, 2006

ASTC Handbook

The chess organisers in Canberra continue to show the rest of Australia exactly how it's done. Libby Smith, tournament director of the Australian School Teams Championships, and crew have produced an outstanding handbook for that tournament. I especially like how sponsors and business partners have very prominent positioning.

Download the booklet here.

About the experience of producing the publication, Libby had this to say (in a posting in the now comatose Australian Chess Club Forum), "A lot of swearing, near-divorce moments and banging my head against things (plus the sponsorship of FUJI Xerox & Canberra Tourism) led to the end result."

And while we're at it, we might as well remind everyone of the upcoming events in Canberra later this month and in January 2007. The Junior Championships will begin mid-Jan while the Australian Open begins in just a few days time.

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Anonymous said...

We had great coverage in The Canberra Times today. OK - the article was the usual mish-mash of quotes and lacked some context (and yes - has an ACT & Girls' bias because we are from the ACT and did better in the Girls' events)but ...

we had 3 pages of coverage including 7 colour photos showing the Wilderness junior team (Somerville House girls are also visible), Michael Redpath, James Li, Alexandra Jule, Ben Edland, Natalie Shadwell, Kayleigh Smith, Emma Guo, Joanne Lee (mistakenly identified as Keteisha Simmonds?) Yi-Ying Zeng and Lucinda Flood.