Friday, December 22, 2006

Former NSWCA Man Speaks Out

In yet another embarrassing turn of events for the New South Wales Chess Association, and especially for its president - Bill Gletsos - former NSWCA official Trent Parker is having a go at his ex colleagues. Writing about the NSWCA's ridiculous threat to effectively extend Matthew Sweeney's banning, Mr Parker, in his blog writes:

This movement has Bill Gletsos written all over it. I do not believe that there had been a vote on this and if there was I would like to know what the result was. The councils last meeting was after the NSWCA AGM as it always is. If no reply is recieved i will be requesting to see the minutes for that meeting. Further evidence; When I was on council, Bill was suggesting to the Council that Matt's membership does not have to be accepted on many occasions. I just thought that Bill was having a bit of a joke. I did not think that Bill or the NSWCA would fall that low.

From Blog of a Chess Nut.

Well, Mr Parker, they have certainly fallen that low. So low, in fact, that all their hits are hitting well below the belt. What we need now is leadership from Bill Gletsos. We demand that he rally his troops, pull their heads in together, do the right thing, stop being such a bunch of (in Sweeney's words) "vengeful and malevolent" bureaucrats and accept Matthew Sweeney's membership.

It is time for the NSWCA to return to its real business: to promote and encourage the game of chess! Stop playing politics and witch hunts!

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Anonymous said...

Just write the letter of apology and go from there Matthew (even if you don't agree with it) The more you sit around complaining and stirring up trouble the harder you make it for yourself in the future.