Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Doha Games Chess Update

We're trying folks, desperately trying to make an effort of updating - but the jet lag, sadly, is getting to me. I'm completely exhausted. I landed at 7.30AM last Sunday, home by 9AM, did my washing, then off to bed for a few hours. Still, the body clock hasn't quite readjusted.

Anyway there is a big sporting event happening in Doha, Qatar - the 15th Asian Games and chess, as I think you know, is one of the sporting events. So far six rounds have been played in the Mixed Team's Classical phase and team India is powering ever closer to gold. Yesterday - Krishan, Pentala and Koneru blanked out their Uzbek opposition 3 points to nil.

The Uzbeks comprised of Rustam Kasimdhanov, Aleksei Barsov and WIM Olga Sabirova.

Team Philippines (Laylo, Dableo and female player Jedara Docena), on the other hand lost out to Mongolia 2 games to 1. The boys drew their matches but Docena lost to WGM Munguntuul Batkhuyag.

Leading team scores after six rounds:

16.0 points – India
11.5 – Qatar, Iran
11 – China
10.5 – Kazakhstan
10 – Vietnam, Indonesia

The Philippines has 8.5 points.

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