Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lost in Brussels

Just another quick update. After a few days in London (where a well-dressed Italian tried to rip me off just outside of Harrods for God's sake), I finally made it to the Brussels. This place is beautiful. I just spent a good couple of hours walking around the streets of the Grand Central Market. Tonight, the town put on a spectacular light show that illuminated the facades of the old buildings that surround the main square. Quite magical. And, of course, I could not really detain myself very much from immediately seeking out the city's most popular chess cafe, The Greenwich. Thanks to my old buddy Jelle Marechal, himself a Belgian, for recommending this place. This joint is exactly how one would have found it a hundred years ago. There were about two dozen old men playing there. It wasn't long before I found an opponent. He had an espresso, while I enjoyed a glass od Duvel. I won two games! Not a bad start.

That's about all the garbled post I can manage for now. My time is running out. The net access here in Europe is ridiculously expensive (not to mention the overpriced but hopelessly substandard sushi). See you next time.

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