Saturday, December 30, 2006

Double Win by Song Siblings

The Song siblings scored wins in yesterday's round 8 at the Singapore Masters. Raymond defeated FM Daniel Howard Fernandez while sister Angela was a winner against Indonesia's Basri Hasan. Going into the ninth round, Ray has 3.5 points while Angela is currently on three.

After scoring a hat-trick of wins from the fifth to the seventh rounds, including a win over Indonesian GM Susanto Megaranto, Wesley So stumbled last round in his bid for a GM result. So remains on 5.5 points which is, according to a report I've seen from Marlon Bernardino, just a point shy of that grandmaster norm. This means that So finds himself in a must-win situation against Vietnamese IM Vinh Bui in the ninth and final round.

Other Pinoy high scorers are Chiong, Sadorra and Ranola. All have 5 points after 8 games. Early pace-setter JP Gomez, who began on 3/3, faded somewhat on 4.5 points. He dropped his last 2 games to GM Wu Wenjin and IM Ashot Nadanian.

More results are available here.


Anonymous said...

I doubt Marlon Bernardino's report. i computed for Wesley so's chances for the GM norm and arrived that even if he wins he last round game, it would still fall short of the required number of wins or points for the the bracket on which his opponent's rating are based. If his opponents rating in round 2 and round 5 were adjusted to 2250 (FIDE Handbook B01 1.46c) then the averahe rating og his opponent would be 2406 which will put it 7 points bracket for the GM norm (ibid 1.49a)If Performance Rating would be the basis/criteria for the GM norm it would also fall short since Wesley's TPR will fall at 2572, and on a category 7 tournament [(opponents rating + So's rating)/number of players]the GM norm will require 6.84 points to the seeker.

wish im wrong, and hope Wesley get the norm

Happy New Year
Peace and Prosperity
John Manahan

Anonymous said...

FM Roderick Nava needs to win against FM Nguyen Huymh Minh Huy of Vietnam to secure his IM norm while FM Sadorra has to at least draw his game against Im Siatanggang to likewise get the IM norm.