Saturday, December 23, 2006

IM Title for George Xie

Australia has a new international master. George Xie has, at long last, earned the required number of points to reach a rating of 2400 and thus earn the IM title. He achieved the feat thanks to an undefeated performance in the Dandenong International Chess Festival. The complete standings are as follows:

G.Xie 9
D.Johansen 8
J.Sales 7.5
I.Goldenberg, V.Smirnov, D.Antic 7
D.Stojic 6
C.Depasquale 4.5
E.Levi 4
C.Gorka 3
D.Hacche 2
M.Dizdarevic 1/7

Sadly for Pinoy FM Jesse Sales, his loss to GM Dejan Antic in the last round meant that he'll have to wait another day for that IM norm.

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DeNovoMeme said...

OMG, how did I miss this story.