Monday, December 18, 2006

Smart Move by NSWCA

At least for me anyway. I arrived home today with the latest NSWCA newsletter in my letterbox and the first thing I read was some good news from our state chess administrators. The 2007 City of Sydney tournament will be played to a different format. Instead of spanning across 9 Sundays, at one game a week, the event will next year be played over just two weekends - 24-25 February and 3-4 March.

Of course, the change won't suit most players but for time-poor folks like myself, it's definitely the ideal choice. The event will have 7 rounds and played at a rate of 2 games a day (except the final Sunday). That will still make the City of Sydney fully compliant with FIDE rating requirements which, again, is another incentive.

I'm marking this one in my calendar.


Anonymous said...

Why not have a blitz tournament instead? that's what's beginning to look like.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

"Why not have a blitz tournament instead? that's what's beginning to look like."

What a stupid comment. Have you noticed these days that tournaments are getting shorter and shorter? People dont want to spend 7-9 sundays playing in events. The NSWCA lost alot of money this year at the event. The new format (used successfuly in the past) will be more popular. Even if the NSWCA gets the same numbers as last year they are much better off.... Rent is cheaper...less DOP fees etc