Friday, July 21, 2006

Aussie Junior Website

In case you didn't know, the ACT Junior Chess League will be hosting the Australian Junior Chess Championships 2007. The event will run from 14-26 January 2007. What really impressed me about this event was their website.

The site was a joint effort between a local ACT player Tor Lattimore, Libby Smith's husband and their 16-year old daughter. Libby is the tournament director.

Australian Chess Federation officials please take note: that's how you do a website. Are you listening? Do you care? Where are you?


Anonymous said...

Ok - Just for the record they are Michael & Tara Smith. Sorry - should have given you names rather than just made them appendages of the great ego =0)

And who says this is for little cost? lol In my efforts to avoid transparency and public scrutiny I'm sure some will read into this an opportunity for me to be siphoning funds ...

Thanks for the publicity. At least you can find out about chess here!

Anonymous said...


What software was used to proce the web page?


Anonymous said...

The website uses a free template we got off the web which sets up the formatting using a CSS. It then uses PHP for the dynamic content and MySQL as the database behind the website. Other than that we just use a standard text editor to code the site.

Happy to provide more information if you need more.