Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kasparov on Putin

Writing in yesterday's New York Times, Garry Kasparov claims that democracy is once again being eroded in Russian under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.

The darkest days of Communist rule are now a generation behind us. Between the end of the Communist dictatorship and the crackdown under President Putin, there was a period of freedom. It was brief and it was flawed, but it could have served as a foundation for a democratic Russia. Since 2000, however, Mr. Putin has done everything possible to dismantle that fragile edifice. In dealing with Russia, please don't confuse what's good for the Putin regime with what's best for the Russian people.

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And see also this report from Moscow Times wherein it is reported that some members of A Different Russia, an outfit led by Kasparov, mysteriously fell ill on their way to a conference.

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