Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Maniac with Arianne

The Chess Maniac scores an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Arianne Caoili. She gives her readers a few tidbits about chess and some of that 19 year old wisdom. But a few feminazis won't be happy with this, "Men are definately (sic) stronger" when asked about the differences in play between men and women.


But when discussing non practical issues - not schedules, how much you drink, sleep or eat and socialize or be distracted (as calculating the correct behaviour in order to reach a goal, like studying for an exam) - when discussing issues of the heart, like love, for instance, no line can be drawn. For if we assume that chess is an art, or as you say, any type of "life" that you pursue, as long as it is an art, subjectivity is always at play and thus from the heart springs motivation and inspiration to be an artist, and from the imagination comes artistic ideas of which logic plays no part. So you could say that for singing or any art form, personal life plays a huge role and this influence is mostly invited and no line is drawn; for without it, the artist cannot create. The impressionist Oscar Wilde and even Franz Kafka are examples - their writing, however praised their technique, would be nothing without the ideas they wrote about. They looked at material subjectively and thus impressioned what the artist inside them felt, and in this there are no seperations.

Read more of the interview by The ChessManiac. Arianne tells me that she "had a nice cup of Indian chai with soya milk and honey while answering them".


Anonymous said...

Heh heh, did anyone understand what she said?

Many years from now Arianne will realize that the point of talking is to communicate.

Bobby Ang

Anonymous said...

Bobby, still bitter?