Monday, July 17, 2006

Jamaican Champ in Brighton UK

Pablo Williams, the now world famous "Jamaican Champ" (or rather, wannabe Jamaican Champion) has been spotted in Brighton. We have this tip:

This guy was challenging allcomers to play 3 0 chess on Brighton seafront yesterday. I played him with the white pieces in a queen's gambit declined and drew - I'm only around 1700-1800 at blitz. He's still advertising himself as Jamaica's number one, and still claims that he needs money to visit his dying father.

Here he is.


Anonymous said...

He is as big a fraud as any other street performer. ie NOT. It is a obviously part and parcel of the "show." You suspend your disbelief and you have an entertaining game.

Anonymous said...

If people are taken in by a street performer they indeed deserve to part with their money! If you don't like him just ignore him, its easy.

Anonymous said...

But does he not take donations?

Anonymous said...

Part of his street performance is that he is claiming to be a "champion"...a dubious ruse at best.

The "father dying" spiel is just plain sick,expoiting peoples emotions through barefaced lies.

Amiel,why do you keep giving this guy coverage? There are stronger and more honest players at Hyde park. I'd rather you did an "interview" with any of them than continue to give this sheister coverage.

Anonymous said...

I have got to know Pablo over the last month whilst he has been in Edinburgh. It is not my place to tell his story, he will one day I'm sure. There is more to him than meets the eye. All I can say is after a day of two of chatting and playing chess I knew I was in the presence of a genuine character, and thoroughly nice guy who seems to make a lot of friends wherever he goes.
Don't judge him on hearsay and the few words he has written on his posters on the ground.
Like some have said on here, it is essentially a street act, just enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

word on the street is his next destinations are Montreal, Toronto and New York hwat a life..