Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jessie's Story Worsens

UK papers are reporting that Jessie Gilbert's father may have sexually abused her. This from the Daily Mail:

But her life had been thrown into turmoil after her father was charged with raping her. Czech police captain David Krkada said: 'She was afraid and had bad feelings about it.' As part of the police inquiry, she will have been interviewed by detectives in a 'rape suite' and given them a statement - probably videotaped - in connection with the allegation.

I was at the NSWCA July Weekender today and this very sad story of Jessie's death was the topic of conversation. It appears that she had plans to visit Australia earlier in the year for both the Australian champs as well as the Queenstown event in New Zealand. Those plans fell through apparently due to family reasons.

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