Monday, July 31, 2006

Richard Farleigh Launches Book

Here's a name that many in the NSW chess circle will surely remember: Richard Farleigh. He was joint winner of the 1978 NSW junior chess championship with Steven Kerr.

But Farleigh made his name, not in chess, but in financial investments. Today he enjoys legend status in the financial community. At age 34, he made enough money to retire in Monaco.

For those of you wanting to follow in Farleigh's footsteps, the great man has put his ideas to paper. You can learn all about them in the new book "Taming the Lion - 100 Secret Strategies for Investing Success".

In this brief profile appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald, chess gets a mention.

It was only years later when he discovered an aptitude for chess that he gained some confidence in his intellectual ability and went on to gain honours at the University of NSW and a Reserve Bank scholarship. Eventually he was to represent Monaco in international chess.

Mr Farleigh also has website.


Anonymous said...

Also a St George Club Champion in the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

I knew Richard long ago, and saw signs that he would sacrifice his passion for chess for something which paid bigger dividends than mere ego-gratification.
This is far removed from his starting point and I commend him for the change of heart.
It appears he has now entered the realm of venture capitalism...with the positive note that he invests in start-up companies which might actually make the world a better place, by using the intelligence of the scientific community and his wealth. A shame that science must rely on the those who would devote their lives to the relatively boring and selfish concept of making money for its own sake.