Tuesday, July 04, 2006

BCM Blog

John Saunders, editor of the British Chess Magazine, has started a blog.

On the whole Gormallygate story (what, again?) , Saunders asked why it took Chessbase so long to publish the story.

Commenting on Danny Gormally, specifically, who was reported to be on medication, John Saunders makes an interesting point.

Looking at the matter from another angle: the English Chess Federation presumably takes some responsibility for the well-being of its players whilst 'on active service'. It seems logical that they should only pick players who are fully fit and that they should keep a wary eye on their welfare during these stressful and high-profile chess events, both for their own sake and that of their opponents. I'm not making any allegations that the ECF failed in any of these respects, but questions need to be asked - and answered, openly and fairly. Even the Soviet Union finally got round to glasnost - perhaps the English should give it a try.

You can view the blog here: http://uk.360.yahoo.com/bcmchess.

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