Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogger Milestones

What a busy week! And today was particularly important. Yours truly made a trip to that small city down south of Sydney, Wollongong, to receive my masters diploma in business. My goodness, things have really changed quite a bit in academic speeches. The university chancellor delivered the most boring of talks. It was more about advertising his institution than a rousing call for his students to conquer the world. He went on and on with irrelevant statistics. I suppose I should have expected it, after all, the ceremony began with a Power Point presentation. Graduation ceremonies have really changed.

Then came a guest speaker. I tell you dear readers, I think people should be forced to take out a license before they are allowed to quote Martin Luther King. Same old, same old message about having a dream.

And, of course, this weekend is the first year anniversay of this blog. Actually, it all began over at the MSN Spaces. Here is the July 2005 archive. That's a happy birthday to TCG!

I should, however, that you dear readers, and especially the regulars, have had a lot to do with this blog's success over the past 12 months. Many thanks also to fellow bloggers who link to this blog. As a consequence of these inbound links, TCG is ranked fifth by Technorati. I was also quite glad when ranked TCG as one of their top choices! Big thank you also to our contributors - some of whose work can be found on our right side bar.


Anonymous said...

Congrats amigo :)

Anonymous said...

Good on ya [clap]


Anonymous said...

So, now that you've got that diploma, are you gonna have publicity on this site? can chess be a profittable business? :)

Anyway, congratulations! ;)

Anonymous said...

Amiel, as usual you are deceptive and misleading. Your blog only has the 5th most LINKS as far as CHESS websites go accoring to ONE organisation (Technorati).

I am sorry to say that your blog has become very boring in recent times. Your obsession with Arianne Caolli is rather sick, given that you are old enough to be her father.

Besides your obsession with the very rootable Arianne (no doubt you have got into her pants by now), what else has your blog done recently?

Why don't you report on some of the controversial issues affecting Australian chess? Such as:
1) George Howard's (Howard the Coward!) non-payment of debts from the disastrous Mt Buller tournament ($4000 to Aussie Juniors, reneging on CDs, non-payment to Karthick etc)?
2) Peter Hanna's anti-Jewish racism (hatred of Doeberl because founder Erich Doeberl is Jewish, hatred of St George because Charles Zworestine is Jewish, his opposition to NSW Open being held at Hakoah because is is a Jewish club etc etc).
3) Why Bill Gletsos has never been allowed to be President of Ryde-Eastwood chess club (a position he covets) despite doing most of the organising work there over many years.
4) Why St George did not field an Open team in this year's Grade Matches due to fiasco of last year.
5) The fraudulent promises of your mate Matthew Sweeney promising $500 first prize for his recent Wollongong tournament and then reneging (Johny Bolens and George Xie were both furious about having been lied to regarding Sweeney's fraudulent advertising).

Anonymous said...

Cheers! Way to go!