Monday, July 10, 2006

ACF Has Ugly Site

Our post on the USCF's new website seems to have provoked some comments or rather our side comment regarding the ACF's own website. Now let's be clear, ACF webmaster Paul Broekhuyse is a very competent man. He is editor of the weekly ACF newsletter. But we think he and the ACF officials can do a better job at actually managing their website. As Queensland chess personality Garvin Gray observes, content is so old that you'd think the Turin Olympiad was starting tomorrow! That event ended weeks ago.

The ACF website still loudly screams out, "The Olympiad has started in Turin, Italy!" What a joke.

How can anyone, chess players, potential sponsors, media reps, parents, and so on, learn anything about chess in Australia when the national body's official website is so stale? Some links don't even work! Just check out the link to the South Australian Chess Association. What is the point of dreaming big things for Aussie chess when our official national organisation can't even get the basics right?

It is about time that ACF boss Denis Jessop get onto his webmaster and ask him, "hey man, how about you do your job and update our website?"

We don't need a swanky website similar to that of the USCF. But we do need one that is frequently updated and full of information. For the benefit of our ACF folks' check out the NSWJCL online.


Anonymous said...

Well done for pointing this out. I have long thought that the ACF site is a very poor advertisment for Australian chess and should either be updated regularly or shutdown altogether.

GilaChess said...

I maintain several chess websites including my country's (Malaysia) chess federation site.

Need any help?

Anonymous said...

How about, ACF officials are actually paid (even a token amount) for the work they do? Citing an example of the NSWJCL (100K in the bank) is a most unfair comparison Amiel.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

You don't need 100K in the bank to have a decent, frequently updated website.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Philippines we dont have such problems as ugly official national chess federation website coz we dont even have one!