Monday, July 10, 2006

14th ANU Chess Festival

We're not all about complaining. Kudos go to that bunch who organise chess events down in the Australian Capital Territory. These guys really know a thing or two about chess promotion and organisation.

They've obviously got my details from previous visits and have kept it on file. I don't mind this at all for this allows them to inform me of upcoming events. It's all about "direct marketing".

Today, I received my brochure for the 14th ANU Chess Festival. This is a big event comprising several tournaments: the main chess open, a "Go" competition, and the national computer chess championships. The brochure is nothing fancy and has everything I need to know like round times, prizes and accomodation. Very simple but effective.

The venue is in the grounds of the Australian National University - the country's equivalent to Harvard.

For more information, visit Ian Rout's page.

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