Saturday, July 15, 2006

Arianne Takes Cover

The UK's Chess magazine features Aussie chess player Arianne Caoili on their July cover. In fact, our own Australian Chess Magazine, published by Brian Jones, also features Arianne on the cover of its most recent issue.

By the way, the last we heard of the young starlet was that she will be playing in a tournament in Dortmund.

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Anonymous said...

'Bout time we have a Filipina-Australian chess beauty on the cover, besides Kosteniuk and others.

We wish Arianne more success in chess and her other career choices. Perhaps a leading role in chess mystery movie "Searching for Arianne"?

Not like "Searching for Bobby Fischer", but a story about a beautiful WGM kidnapped and held hostage somewhere in Eastern Europe. To find her one has to solve complex riddles and chess problems posted in TCG by a lunatic IGM, who, (no offence pls this is just a story) turned out to be a famous Bulgarian Chess Champion.*

And thus Arianne was saved by an astute English GM named James Gunn. He was the only one who solved the riddles and rescued Arianne!

P.S. *Not Topalov silly. This is just a story.