Monday, July 24, 2006

Queensland Chess Newsletter

We've posted about this excellent chess newsletter previously, but we'd like to tell our readers that the July issue is out. It's definitely one of the better publications (offline or online) coming out of an Australian chess organisation. I especially like the chatty and relaxed tone:

A new attitude is needed to lift Queensland Chess. It has always amazed me that in the main (there are a few great exceptions) most chess players can sit down at a board and view the game from all different angles and see twists vnd turns that the common man would miss. However come to organisation, voluntary help, common sense loyalty and paying up of the very cheap CAQ fee of $10 they have tunnel vision, self interest and an apathetic approach to chess organisation and organisers. This makes it hard to lift Queensland

Yes I know I have just upset another batch of people. But hey guys just have a look at a few facts.

Link: CAQ July Newsletter

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