Saturday, July 16, 2005

Who Needs the NSWCA?

In yet another ugly episode, the NSWCA seems to have found itself at odds with no less than three of the premiere clubs in the NSW Grade Match competition. St George, Canterbury, and the Sydney Chess Academy are up in arms over some stuff up about pairings.

The highly respected Spanish IM, Javier Gil (who plays for Academy), came out a-swinging. At first, the NSWCA's PR man, Trent Parker, attempted a quick hose-down and trying to embarass the International Master. He failed. Then the Big Dog himself, NSWCA Prez Bill Gletsos, piped in. Well, he wasn't much help - trotting out the usual bureacratic line of: "It's under consideration. Well get back to you".

All this makes us wonder: who really needs the NSWCA? Will the premiere clubs break away and start their own competition?

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