Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Trouble with Drunks

This avro I stopped over at the park for a bit, hoping to get in a ligtning game or two. Sure enough the usual mob was there. Also present was a family of four from NZ: mom and dad plus their 2 little boys. But sadly, among the group were a couple of drunken bastards, cheapo liquor in hand, swearing their fucken mouths off.

It was embarassing.

While the two young lads, the oldest of whom being no more than 10, were quite keen to play - their parents had grown concerned. They had no choice but to walk away. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. And I felt quite embarassed.

Why doesn't the Carr government send in some heavy-handed coppers to patrol the bloody park and remove these louts? That'll fix it!

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