Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sanity Prevails

Appearing for the first time on the Chesschat site, Gary Bekker, FIDE Oceania Zone President, finally announced what many of us have wanted to hear.
The failure to play the three games which were agreed drawn means that these games should not be counted for FIDE ratings purposes.
This very correct decision closes some parts of the whole St George Club Championship fiasco. Mr Bekker's announcement supports the view that agreements to draw can only be made "during the game". See law 5.2.c in the Laws of Chess.

Clearly, if players become unavailable, for whatever reason, later in a tournament - then they simply should not be permitted to agree to draws for their remaining games. They are either withdrawn or forfeited.


Anonymous said...

Do most Arbiters have a clear sight of whether tournaments will be accepted for FIDE rating, by FIDE themselves, if there are withdrawn players in a Round-Robin format.

Anonymous said...

From the period 13/July when Mr. Gletsos says it was established that the games were not played and re-rating would be necessary, did Mr G advise this to Gary Bekker?

And when will the new ACF re-ratings be available>