Saturday, July 23, 2005

Way Out West

What's happening in Western Australia? Overworked and looking forward to retirement, the association president chucked in a bit of a "whinge" (his word). In CAWA's June newsletter, President Haydn Barber seemed a little nonplussed:
And, where have all the DOPs gone? I have had to run three weekenders this year because I could not find anyone else.
Not only are DOPs missing but also a secretary, minute secretary, senior VP, tournament coordinator and marketing/promotions officer. To make matters worse, since that June issue, the membership/ratings officer handed in his resignation.

Beyond personnel problems, there is bad news on the club scene. Will the Midland CC survive for very long? We'll wait and see.

And it seems interclub problems aren't confined to the eastern seaboard. In the ‘B’ division final, Perth CC replaced a 1334-rated player with another rated 1825. Thus, Perth's team was 160 points higher rated per board (on average) than their opponents, Metro CC. The player swap also pushed Perth above the average rating limit set by the rules.

A letter of complaint is on its way from Metro.

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