Monday, July 25, 2005

St George CC

Just wondering. Two controversies. One chess club.

St George.

Funny that.


Anonymous said...

There may be a theory as to the pre-requisites for controversaries to become full-blown on bulletin boards; it would be useful if some-one had a formal reference.
Two particular pre-requisites come to mind.
1 A mistake by an administrator.
2 A consensus to cover-up as a strategy to limit the PR damage from the mistake.

We saw this at its worst at Mount Buller threads.
We saw it on the FIDE tournament that wasn't in Melbourne.

All administrators make mistakes either in execution, or judgement, or rule-following.
Clearly, those localised chess communities that try to close ranks and have the mistake papered over are the ones where the controversy can grow to national visibility.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I'm kinda upset that I hadn't set up this blog at the time of the non-FIDE incident in Melbourne. I would've had a lot of fun.

Anyone know any updates on the compensation front?

Anonymous said...

Do you need to clarify who you think is the problem.

St George CC, or which points your finger at the NSW Chess Ass.