Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Grade Match Crisis

Not to be outdone by the Southern Ructions, just a few moments ago we learn that a crisis has struck chess in New South Wales. The Sydney Chess Academy team withdrew from the Grade Match competition.

In a statement made to the Chesschat site, SCA player, Andrew Bird said:
Sydney Chess Academy has withdrawn from the Grade Matches. Today our request for our appeal to be heard be (sic) an independent committee was rejected be (sic) the NSWCA council. Since we find the changes made to the draw, and the way it was done, unacceptable, we no longer want to be part of this competition.
The SCA charges that the NSWCA was under undue influence and its decision in the appeals was therefore biased. To which the NSWCA remained steadfast and replied with a threat:
We are sorry that you may stand by your decision to withdraw from the competition, but the Council has made its considered fair and reasonable decision taking all matters into account. A withdrawal from the competition would be an unauthorised withdrawal and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Council. Should you decide to stay in the competition, we wish you best of luck for the remaining games. - email from NSWCA to SCA, dated 20 July 2005
We have here now what appears to be a stand-off. Who will blink first? Will the clubs abandon the NSWCA and commence their own competition?

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DeNovoMeme said...

A threat?

When a government starts to lose its grip on power, it growls and snarls at everything.