Monday, July 25, 2005

Getting There, But

The NSWCA probably hopes it goes away. The DOP himself prays that this goes away. And I'm sure, the Oceania Zone President is just quietly swearing at those other two. How could this happen, he must wonder.

This morning, highly respected chess personality Peter Parr (former Olympiad captain and past member of various FIDE Committees) dropped a smart bomb on the St George Championsips. In doing so he kept the fires of controversy burning.

Peter Parr was being nice. He kept referring to "one player". But let's not play tootsie here. He's talking about IM Zhao.

You can all read Mr Parr's post yourselves but there are a couple of things that grabbed my attention. He writes:
Players who enter FIDE rated events are required to play their games at the venue and times appointed for the tournament.
Where did they play those games then if not at the St George Club?

Further, as is now public knowledge - the supposed draws were agreed by phone. The ACF considers those games to have been unplayed and will send an amended report to FIDE.

The question is: did the action of arranging those draws constitute a 'pre-arrangement' of results. If so, did the players breach the ACF's Code of Ethics? The ACF defines, "[p]re-arranging, or attempting to pre-arrange, the result of a game or event" as breaching the Code. If so, what action will the ACF take?


Anonymous said...

When the games were agreed drawn one persistent poster made capital out of the downward effect on Zhao's rating because he was the highest rated player. As the games are now to be classed as forfeits does this downward effect disappear as forfeits are not rated at all? No loss of rating points?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I would imagine that since they are 'unplayed' - then they are excluded from any calculations. In a phrase, no effect. But I'm no expert.

Anonymous said...

There might still be a "downward rating adjustment" in the form of a "severe penalty" ... I daren't suggest the extreme option of being stripped of a title ... ??

Anonymous said...

The FORFEITS will cause the event to be listed as a SWISS even though it began life as a ROUND-ROBIN.