Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Capture The King!

As at 1 July 2005, the new FIDE Laws of Chess came into effect. For an excellent summary, see Bill Gletsos' post here.

As I am always a good boy, I don't worry too much about the details. But I do worry about two bits of rules that affect me directly. These are rule 8.1 and Article 1.2. The former pertains to recording of moves. I don't know about you lot but I read Kotov and he said to write your moves first, then play it. Doing this gives you some moments to reflect and double check.

We can discuss rule 8.1 here.

As for Article 1.2, I am hoping and praying, to any god who'll listen, that our arbiters will keep their heads screwed on and not be bludgeoned into submission by such a ridiculous rule. Apparently, capturing the king destroys evidence of an illegal move. But most sane people, and I'm talking 99.9% here, accept that capturing the king is itself the very evidence required. What's the problem?

If you are reading here, then you must agree with me. Amen!

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