Monday, August 27, 2007

Aussies and Kiwis OS

It was a Chinese one-two in KL as Chao Li roared to a 9 point victory while compatriot Yunguo Wan placed second on 8.5 points. The Australian contingent's scores are as follows:

6.0 - IM Gary Lane, FM Brett Tindall
5.5 - Chris Wallis, Max Illingworth, FM Brian Jones
5.0 - WIM Laura Moylan
4.5 - Eugene Schon, Roland Brockman
3.5 - Justin Tan

New Zealanders Paul Spiller and Hilton Bennett played and drew against each other in the final round to post 4.5 points each.

Meanwhile over in the Netherlands' Euwe Stimulans event - another Kiwi, Puchen Wang, scored 6 points to finish third overall behind Simutowe and Barua. Puchen powered through his last 2 games beating GM Barua and then the legendary Nona Gaprindashvili.


Anonymous said...

Sorokina just finished playing in a tournament in Greece.
Chessbase has a report on the tournament. Unfortunately they list her as "austrian",rather than as australian.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Puchen finish so strongly. He was a bit depressed in the middle there, as he felt he wasn't playing his best, but he certainly finished well.


The blindman said...

Great results for Puchen. Should give him a rating boost of around 35 points I think.

And great to see Simutowe earn a GM norm (his final norm I think).