Thursday, August 16, 2007

Graeme Gardiner at CISCCON

Following my Chess in Schools post yesterday, a reliable informant tipped me that former ACF head Graeme Gardiner will be attending the CISCCON in Scotland. We checked and sure enough, Graeme, along with wife Wendy, is heading out today for the conference. In fact, I should have looked at that CISCCON site a little more closely because his name is actually listed under Parralel Sessions in the Conference Programme. Graeme will present a paper entitled, Positive Moves in Australian Chess with Particular Regard to Autism.

Other Australian representatives at the conference will be Sam Grumont (Castlemaine Innovations and Excellence Mt Alexander, Victoria Schools Cluster Coordinator) as well as Dr Steve Tobias, Steve Carroll and Harry Poulton (James Cook University) who, Grame informs me, are all working on the same project relating to mathematics and chess. These guys actually have a related blog, Chess Squared where you'll also find this post.

Hopefully we can all read the papers soon post the conference. All sound very interesting.

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