Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Australian OS Results

While plenty of eyes are on the Youth Olympiad in Singapore, time now to check in on some other Australian results elsewhere.

Fans of David Smerdon can breathe a sigh of relief as he steered his Paks campaign back on course with a win in round 2 over Grunberg.

Full results are as follows:

Pataki, Gy - Yu, S, 1-0
Szabó, K- Flumbort, A, 1-0
Smerdon, D - Grunberg, M, 1-0
Tania, S - Papp, G, 0-1
Nevednichy, V - Grószpéter, A, ½-½

In Spain, Wohl lost his first crucial test in round 3 against GM Kogan. But the big man recovered winning his 4th and 5th games to now be on 4/5 points, with six other players, just a full point behind sole leader GM Mirzoev.

Finally, Matthew Sonter has 3.5 points after 7 rounds in a double RR tournament in Olomouc. Those who know Matthew will be glad to know that he has avoided further losses since his last one in round 2. His seventh round game would have been something special as he managed to get one back against Tomas Cagasik who beat the Aussie earlier in the event.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Victorian and my good friend Nur Yachou is actually once again playing in the Predeal Open in Romania. The Open is due to start on the 11 August with Nur ranked 146th out of 168 players. Good luck Nur!

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