Friday, August 03, 2007

Matthew Sonter in Olomouc

I have ex ACF boss Graeme Gardiner to thank for this information.

Queenslander Matthew Sonter is presently competing in a 6-man 2RR tournament, the Prima Pack Cup, in Olomouc. So far Matthew is on 0/2, losing to Cosmin Parligras and Tomas Cagasik in the first and second rounds respectively. In the third round, Matthew will have his first try with the white pieces against Englishman John Brooke. Good luck Matt.

Another familiar name, especially to Queenslanders, is Petra Blazkova who is playing in the IM C - Ave-Kontakt Cup section. The Czech woman international master had a 1-year stint as a coach with Graeme's chess centre on the Gold Coast. She, too, is on 0/2. I'm sure her ex-students and friends in Oz will wish her all the best in the coming rounds.

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