Monday, August 20, 2007

Chessdom Exclusives in Mexico

Our friends at Chessdom have scored an important exclusive. They will be the official media partner of the World Chess Championship to be held in Mexico next month. The guys have promised reports, videos and games commentary. I wonder if they'll also have some kind of "live blogging" direct from the venue. Or even guest blogging by the participants - a bit like how the USCF did it for their championships. That'd be cool.

While on the Chessdom site I noticed a link to Chess Strategy - Goran's blog, one of my earliest friends on the blogosphere. I thought he'd closed that one down but it seems he's still posting away some rather good stuff. Worth a read.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amiel, thank you for your kind words. Chess Strategy was on 40 days hiatus while I was in Sofia, but I won't give up on the blog (like I did with the other one).

I have many ideas but writing the posts takes a lot of my time with all the editing. IM Miodrag sent me some material and I'm posting it in parts. GM Alex Finkel should do few videos but we'll see when that happens.

Cheers mate