Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aussie Champs Website Launched

The Parramatta RSL CC launched their 2007-08 Australian Chess Championships website a few days ago. It's simple, clear and looks to have all the basic info needed if you're considering playing in the event.

One thing you'll notice is the odd schedule with the first half of this event being quite demanding. Then we slow down to a rate of one game a day from round 6 onwards. That's understandable really as it speeds up the event but also caters to the tougher fights in the business end of the tournament. However, I have to say, the 10.30AM starts are a bit early.

Also the featured hotel on the website, the Marriott Parramatta, strikes me as a bit too pricey for the average chesser. $115 for twin share! Now I don't know if there are backpackers in Parra but there are plenty in the Sydney CBD. I'd suggest looking at those as options. Of course, if you're more the premium type, 5-star and all, then you obviously can't go wrong in the city. Whatever you choose, you'd be playing chess in Parra then heading back to the city's nightlife at day's end. You almost can't complain.

While the playing venue itself may not be to flash, Parramatta is a lively multicultural town with plenty of shopping and eating! You'll have plenty of fun.


Anonymous said...

Why go to Sydney CBD when you can enjoy yourself day and night in Parramatta. Ask the SIO players about where to stay ($60/night is really good value) and where to eat!

Anonymous said...

We'd love to be looking at a website for the Juniors as well (I know it's not the same people). Any NSW people have a clue when it will be up and running? BTW - feel free to point me in the right direction if I've just overlooked it ...

The location makes accommodation in the area a bit pricey so confirmation of what's going to be available on-site etc would be great and helps to maximise the entries you may get from the ACT. (Some of us are sticklers for advance planning!)


Anonymous said...

They don’t have as much info as they had on the bb when they posted the bid. Website needs more details! Otherwise all good.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear thing up with the hotel $115 twin share is the total, per person its $57.50 a night.