Friday, August 10, 2007

RP vs Australia Showdown!

The scene is now set for what will be a temporary war between the once great Asian chess powerhouse of the Philippines and the Oceania giant Australia.

At the World Youth Under-16 Olympiad this morning, the Aussie 1 team failed to do what the RP boys did in round 7: beat India. But while the Aussies went down 2.5 - 1.5, with Mouthun Ly losing on board 1, the Philippines split the points evenly with their Singaporean rivals 2 - 2. Wesley So maintains his 100% record but will now face Moulthun Ly who will be under extra pressure to recover from that disappointing loss.

Ranked third in the field, way ahead of the 22nd ranked RP, Australia will be firm favourites to whack the Filipinos. Who knows what diabolical plans the Australian coach GM Ian Rogers has in store for my beloved compatriots? All eyes will be on the So vs Ly contest.

Down in the lower boards, Derek Yu seems to have recovered well enough from yesterday's mishap as he managed to draw his 7th round game this morning. Mrs Oliver informed us that Derek received a strike to the head with a golf club from team-mate Zhigen Wilson Lin during yesterday's R&R. Boys will be boys but these kinds of accidents are potentially damaging to the cause. They ought to be more careful!


Anonymous said...

GO PINOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

archer_401 said...

I wouldn't bet the house on an Aussie win just yet. That Wesley So-led RP team is for real.

BTW, where did you get the So-Fodor score, if I may ask?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

From the tournament bulletins. Or you can also go to the NCFP Pinoy forum.


Anonymous said...

Aus should have had a win against India. Junta drew 2 pawns up and Ray also drew from a very convincing position. Just a little bit off the pace - Aus is dropping a few points here and there, which is frustrating. Anyway all good exeperience for the kids.

Max unfortunately is ill and was this morning, so he is being dropped and Zhigen playing.


Anonymous said...

I think TCG is just talking up the Aussies as favourites so he can gloat a bit more if his RP boys win. ;)
Fact is, the non-existent ratings of boards 2 to 4 mean nothing. They're clearly strong players.

Anonymous said...

Another round slips away from Australia....

Moulthun played well to hold a draw and Junta won convincingly.

Ray drew from a worse position, but Zhigen was a sad result. A winning position dwindled into a loss in time pressure.

So Australia now has no chance we believe of a place, particularly with Hungary suddenly finding their form. We look in the running for a few board prizes.


Anonymous said...

go philippines!!