Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Smerdon in Paks Cup

We've just learned that IM David Smerdon, who last week earned his third and final GM norm, is back in Hungary to compete in the Paks Cup GM tournament. It's an RR event and the player list in David's section is as follows:

GM Yu, Shaoteng (2524)
GM Nevednichy, Vladislav (2523)
GM Grószpéter, Attila (2522)
IM Flumbort, András (2509)
IM Szabó, Krisztián (2482)
IM Papp, Gábor (2474)
IM Grunberg, Mihai (2472)
IM Smerdon, David (2461)
WGM Tania, Sachdev (2393)
UNT Pataki, Gyozo (2382)

We wish David all the best! Hopefully he can put in another powerful performance to get himself over 2500 by the time he comes back!

1 comment:

The blindman said...

This event should suit David, I think. He seems to score relatively well against that 2450-2550 band. Good luck Dave!