Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puchen Wang in Euwe Stimulus

New Zealand's Puchen Wang is competing in the Euwe Stimulus tournament in the Netherlands. There are two 10-player RR sections, international and regional with Puchen playing in the former. The international group is reasonably strong with 4 grandmasters and 2 international masters. Note that while Puchen's title on the event site is still "FM", the Kiwi actually earned a full IM title from this year's Zonal in Fiji.

After five games, Puchen has 3 points. He lost in round one to Zambia's IM Simutowe but managed to beat IM Wily Hendriks and secured draws against grandmasters Olafsson and Panno.

The talented IM Simutowe leads on 4.5 points. For more, visit the official site.


The blindman said...

Go Simutowe. What a remarkable talent he is. Big chance of a GM norm there - only needs 2.5/4 from his remaining games.

The blindman said...

5.5/6 now - 1.5/3 to go!

Anonymous said...

6.5/7. I am proud of the young man. Being a fellow Zambian, I have followed his progress with keen interest. Go for it - "The Zambezi Shark."