Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fly or Die Suckers

Speaking of games, Sean Tan's post alerted me to another online gaming site, Strange name, but the main thing is they have their own reasons.

Says the site, "FlyOrDie was an excellent choice for us because this name symbolises our commitment and enthusiasm which we, like knowledge and professionalism, put behind our products". Good enough for me.

Apart from chess, Fly or Die has checkers, reversi, pool and even go. Could be worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

its a good site, has alot of real time games, unlike some sites where you only play chess games with 1 day move time, the regular time is 20 minutes a game per player(for chess) 10 for checkers. about 3k people are on and playing(for chess) during the average day at a given time. least on is probably during the middle of the night, but there are players from around the world on the site, the least i have seen on so far is 600.