Friday, August 17, 2007

Aussie Youth Squad Photos

At last we have some nice pictures of the Australian Youth Olympiad team who competed recently in Singapore. I must thank both the photographer, Cathy Rogers, and Jenni Oliver, who conveyed these photographs to me this morning. It's always very difficult to select the best shot when you have so many to choose from. But I think this one below, of the whole squad, is apt.

Full Olympiad squad

For our RP readers, here's a photo of the RP team in action against Australia 1. You'll remember that this encounter ended 2-2 with the Philippine team actually fighting to hold the draw. Almost hard to believe!

Australia 1 vs Philippines

I have also uploaded more photos in my usual flickr account.

IMPORTANT: Please note that these photos are copyright of Cathy Rogers and may not be used without her expressed permission.

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