Friday, September 02, 2005

Zone 3.3 Showdown

As of this writing, the first angry moves in Zone 3.3 will be well on the way. The event is held in the Hotel Sanford in KL, Malaysia.

Looking at the tentative list of players, we can count eleven rated 2500+, seven of whom sport the GM title. Of course, I have no choice but to support the Pinoy masters among whom is none other than RP's latest GM, Paragua. Let's hope that he can silence his critics and bulldoze the opposition without mercy. And speaking of GM titles, IM Gonzales will be gunning for his third and final norm. I hope he gets it!

On the distaff side, Mendoza and Lomibao will face their toughest test against the Mongolians and Vietnamese. Good luck to them.


GilaChess said...

It's out !!! The pairing and player list is out at the official website:

GilaChess said...

You can find some updated pictures here