Friday, September 09, 2005

Paragua and Adianto Win

RP's, Paragua and Indonesia's, Adianto will represent zone 3.3 at the World Championships. Both finished on 7 points. In round 9 today, the Pinoy GM drew with Wu Shaobin while Adianto beat Wong Meng-Kong.

Asia's first grandmaster, Eugene Torre, ended the tournament on 6.5 points - putting him in outright second place.

Tables for men and women are now available.

Thus ends the 22-day long Malaysian Chess Festival. It was quite exciting to observe even from afar. I think I might actually make a visit next time. In fact, I'm already in training. Over the past two days I've enjoyed some rather delicious Malaysian cuisine. And I reckon all that exciting chess up there has a lot to do with the hot curry.

Finally, let me thank Gilachess for his daily updates on his website. Great job indeed!


Anonymous said...

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GilaChess said...

Thanks. It's the fastest turn around time for my website to come out with the result once it was out. 10 minutes max!

This was different for the Malaysian Open where I had to run down to a cyber cafe to post the results.

But I have to thank the Malaysian Chess Federation for providing me a PC with internet connection.

Come down to Malaysia, and I'll treat you to some true Malaysian cuisine.. :)

archer_401 said...

gilachess & Closet GM

Thanks for the good work. I thought juicy tidbits of Asian chess was limited to Bobby Ang's Chess Piece and Indochess.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of constructive criticism I would suggest that next time:

Standings should be given as well as results and next-round pairings

Games be made available. This practice of suppressing the game scores so that you can sell bulletins is no good.

The organizers are supposed to pay some people to make the bulletins. I hope that this does not mean that the bulletin editors in the Zonals were not paid and thus were trying to maximize their sales by suppressing the games?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

My feelings are the same re games. I was not especially impressed that games were sold first before they were uploaded.

But still, Gila did manage to source a handful - especially the Pinoy games. So that was good.

And I believe that standings and pairings were provided on the site. I just did not bother posting them on my blog when I could just link to them.

In any case, I've now got quite a bit to talk about for my next Bayanihan column! :))

Anonymous said...

Sigh. What to do...

GilaChess said...

There has been a big improvement compared to last year's Malaysian Open.

Perhaps next year there will be changes and Malaysian chess will be up to standard where timely online news and games publishing is concerned.