Saturday, September 03, 2005

Filipinos On Winning Start

Pinoy players are off to a positive start in the Zone 3.3 tournament in KL, Malaysia. Except for FM Sales, who settled for a draw against first round opposition, IM Myo Naing (2516) of Myanmar, all the Filipinos are on 1 point. Unfortunately in the second round, Pinoys must face off against each other. Paragua has white against Nadera on board 2 while Dableo and Dimakiling will fight it out on board 10.

On the other hand, our thoughts must go to Petronio Roca. He will exchange blows with top seed Dao Thien Hai of Vietnam. Looking at the women's group, I'm not sure what happened but it looks like WIM Beverly Mendoza has withdrawn. This leaves just WIM Sheerie Joy Lomibao as our sole representative.

Our friend Gilachess has uploaded some new pictures. You can access them here. I hope he can send us some games very soon.

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GilaChess said...

Sorry cannot get the javascript board up.

So I have the game in plain text at my blog.

Pairing and results for round 2 can be found here